This is the page where you can find any good photos I have taken and any videos I have made (or taken). I don't upload all the photos and videos I have ever taken, just a select few. Most of the videos you will see below are scripted and edited. Some are just plain videos. Enjoy!
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Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic

About this video:

I was really bored in my quarrantine (this was only about a week in), and I wanted to kill some time. I thought, "why don't I make a stop motion video? It kills a lot of time,". So I thought through what kind of a video and how I would make it. Then I started filming. I took all the parts I would need, and I began filming. I have a couple of green sheets of paper that I use for greenscreens in stop motion, and I had my set in front of it. I positioned my camera and began snapping photos. After roughly 400 photos, I had my video (no audio yet). Then, with that, I proceeded to edit the video until it was what I needed it to be. After that, I began scripting the audio. I never actually wrote a script, but I knew what I needed to say. Then, looking at a big screen playing the video while I talked the audio, I narrated the video. Following that, I created the title, credits and inserted the opening and closing music. And with that, I had a completed video! I hope you have as much fun watching it as I did making it!

A day at the airport

This is a stop motion video I made during the time that I had a lego airport built. For playability, it didn't have a roof, hence the lack of one in the video. All I did is film my lego self on a typical journey through an airport. I had to take apart some sections to get the camera where I needed it, but it still turned out to be a great video. Following visual production, I selected audio and added it. I hope you have as much fun watching it as I did making it!

Flying around the globe!

I loved making this video! Unfortunately, during processing, the video quality went way down. But everything else is great! I composed all the music you hear in this film, which was really fun to do. This is the first of my videos to feature the new intro and credits sections. I hope you have as much fun watching this video as I did making it!

Totally Normal

About this video

I was experimenting with greenscreens, and when I finally got how to use them, I made this video! I took the photos and made the stop motion videos in front of a green screen. Then, I put them in front of the photos and videos they would be in front of in the video, added music, and voila! An awesome video!

Minute Waltz

About this video

This is the hardest song I have ever played on piano. I love playing it! I hope you enjoy it!


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