John McKellar Piano Studios


I have played piano for 8+ years, and have played many works from composers from Chopin to Lizst to Beethoven. This last summer, I took a piano teaching course from my piano teacher, and I now offer lessons to anyone in Teton Valley.


I teach using the interval sightreading method, and with the Faber Piano Adventures series. For the lesson, I come to the student's home. Tuition is $15 for every lesson, which is 30 minutes, once a week. For more information on teaching and such, check out my studio policies.

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Email me at, or click the button below! Just tell me your name, phone number (optional), and I will get in touch with you! Add any other information that you might want me to know. As soon as I can, I will get in touch with you.


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Text me at (208) 201-6279 with your name (and a request for enrollment), and I will get back to you to get you signed up!